Pirate Cat

#24 - Pirate Cat-01I’ve recently discovered the cause for your lost money …



#20 EXCITED!-01

Getting Excited about Something: Cures Everything Ever.

Honestly. Next time you’re sick for months, beat tired at 3pm, or recovering from a concussion because you snowboarded like a fool, let yourself get excited about ANYTHING. It’s awesome. Start that ridiculous project that makes sense to nobody, text that girl, go to Home Depot and buy all the crap necessary to built a snow ball trebuchet on your balcony, or just find a new way to look at the world. Even if the profit return is -1000 percent, it is so worth it. You forget your crap and feel excited, healthy, alive (You might even feel like the stupidest person on your street … which is an awesome accomplishment!). I’m telling you, getting excited about something: cures Everything Ever.